North America

Environmental work awarded for Canada’s 2,824-MW Lower Churchill

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro has awarded contracts for work associated with environmental assessment of the 2,824-MW Lower Churchill project in Canada’s mainland Labrador region and for general environmental site assessment.

For Lower Churchill project work, Minaskuat L.P. and AMEC are to deal with seven areas: aquatic ecosystems, terrestrial wildlife, terrestrial flora and ecological land classification, historic resources, socio-economic studies, transmission line route selection, and environmental impact statement preparation.

The utility awarded a professional services contract for general environmental site assessments to Jaques Whitford.

Earlier this year, the Newfoundland government chose itself over three short-listed bidders to carry out development of the hydroelectric complex, which is to include two developments, 2,000-MW Gull Island and 824-MW Muskrat Falls.