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Issue 1 and Volume 26.

Oil Skimmers offers vapor control hood

Oil Skimmers Inc. offers a vapor hood for use when removing oil in a hydro plant from locations where volatile organic compounds are present, such as tanks and sumps.

The Model 6V vapor hood, used in conjunction with the company ’s Model 6V oil skimmer, prevents harmful materials from escaping during the oil-skimming process. The hood is fully enclosed with a gasket to prevent volatile organic compounds from escaping into the atmosphere while the skimmer removes the oil.

While suitable for use in hostile and toxic oil skimming environments, the vapor hood also can be applied to less hazardous areas, where an enclosed skimming unit is needed. It also can be manufactured to specified user height requirements.

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HydroAssistant maximizes production

Rennasonic Inc. of East Falmouth, Mass., offers a Microsoft Exel computer software application called HydroAssistant for use in optimizing hydro plant operation.

Using HydroAssistant, plant operators can specify individual unit load points to maximize plant production and/or minimize discharge. The database can be sorted, showing each unit ’s setting. And, users can specify in- and out-of-service units.

To operate HydroAssistant, users need Microsoft Office 2000 and Windows XP operating system.

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James Walker offers shaft sealing system

James Walker & Co. Ltd. says its shaft sealing system HydroSele cuts maintenance and improves the reliability and profitability of Francis and Kaplan turbines.

HydroSele shaft sealing system
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HydroSele features a modular design that enables cartridge components and sealing elements to fit together around a turbine shaft without stripping down the housing. On-site assembly takes just hours. All components normally can be handled without mechanical lifting gear. In operation, the elements are pressure balanced and run on a hydrodynamic fluid film.

HydroSele is suited for installation as original equipment or as a retrofit by plant operators. It is available for turbines with shaft diameters of 9.84 to 29.53 inches. Systems for shafts greater than 29.53 inches in diameter can be custom designed. The product carries a three-year guarantee, subject to basic operating conditions. After three years, the system can be refurbished on-site and returned to service.

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Leakwise instruments detect oil leaks

GE Analytical Instruments Inc. manufactures instruments for detecting and monitoring oil from bearings and other equipment. Typically, this oil is in water collection sumps beneath hydro turbines.

One instrument, the Leakwise ID-221 floating oil detector, uses high-frequency electromagnetic absorption technology to detect the presence of layers of oil as thin as 0.3 millimeter (mm). Users can select measurements for low and high alarm set points.

In some hydro plants, sump pumps discharge water into oil/water separators. Water is pumped from the separator into retention tanks and eventually back to the river. A Leakwise ID-223 Oil Sheen Detector installed in the retention tank will alarm at the presence of an oil layer as thin as 0.3-mm. A Leakwise ID-225 Oil Thickness Monitor, installed in the separator, can continuously measure the thickness of the oil layer in the range of 4 to 100 mm. Information from the monitor is displayed in the control room, and operators can use the data to decide whether to skim the oil.

The company ’s ID-225 Sensor can automatically start and stop a skimming pump.

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