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Top-ranked articles for 2006

Issue 2 and Volume 15.

With each issue of HRW, we survey readers to determine which articles they’ve found most useful. Author(s) of these articles are presented with an Author’s Award plaque. Top-ranked articles for 2006 are:

March: “Barcelona 2006: Finding Ways to Solve Dam Engineering Challenges,” (p. 16) by Luis Berga

May: “Hydro and Carbon Credits: Understanding the Opportunity,” (p. 14) by Kevin I. Candee

July: “Framework for Deciding to Rehabilitate and Uprate Hydro Facilities,” (p. 14) by Laurent Bellet and Jean-Michel Devernay

September: “Resolving Contractors’ Claims: Lessons Learned from Africa’s Lower Kihansi Project,” (p. 26) by Leonard B. Kassana, Kato T. Kababa, and Asbjorn Halvorsen

November: “How Flooded Biomass Affects Water Quality after Reservoir Impounding,” (p. 28) by Alain Gregoire and Sandrine Richard

December: “Small Hydro Provides Social, Environmental Benefits,” (p. 16) by Antonio Fonseca dos Santos

Technical article reviewers

Technical articles published by HRW are peer-reviewed by individuals chosen for their expertise. Thanks to the following professionals who reviewed technical articles published in 2006:

Kyohei Baba, K. BABA Engineering Consultants Co. Ltd.

Donald H. Babbitt, Consultant

Giovanni De Cesare, EPFL-DGC-LHC

Brian A. Forbes, GHD Consulting Engineers

*James L. Gordon, Consultant

Tore Hagen, Sweco Groner AS

Leif Lillehammer, Sweco Groner AS

Bertrand Masse, SNC Lavalin Inc.

Norihisa Matsumoto, Japan Dam Engineering Center

Antonio Fonseca dos Santos, M.Sc., Brascan Energetica S.A.

Marco Aurelio dos Santos, Alberto Luiz Coimbra Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ)

Douglas A. Spaulding, P.E., Spaulding Consultants, LLC

Thomas Staubli, PhD, University of Applied Science (HTA) Lucerne

Graham Stranks, Klohn Crippen Berger

Stephen B. Tatro, P.E., Consultant

*Alain Tremblay, PhD, Hydro-Québec

Martin Wieland, Poyry Energy Ltd.

*James L. Gordon and Alain Tremblay received the 2006 HRW Reviewer’s Citation. Their comments led to significant improvements in the manuscripts they critiqued.