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Issue 3 and Volume 26.

Accusonic introduces new flowmeter system

Accusonic Technologies introduces its new Model 7700/7720 Networked Multiple-Unit Flowmeter System. The system can be used to measure and monitor penstock unit flow, monitor and report unit generation efficiency, and detect penstock leaks.

According to Accusonic, the distinguishing feature of the new system compared to earlier models is its enhanced capability to interface with supervisory and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, offering either Ethernet or Modbus network connections.

The new system consists of the Model 7700 PC-based master controller using MicroSoft Windows®-based HydroFlow software to interface with the system’s Model 7720 remote flowmeter units. The software features performance evaluation capabilities and data logging functions. With the system, a user can continuously monitor, report, and log flow from either an individual turbine unit or the entire plant.

The system can be configured as an efficiency monitoring system where real-time unit water-to-wire power generation efficiency is continuously monitored and reported for each individual unit as well as for total plant performance. Additionally, the system can be used for penstock leak detection and warning, based upon continuous comparison of flow rates measured at upper penstock flow monitoring locations versus lower penstock-measured flows.

Accusonic will introduce the system at the Waterpower XV Conference, July 23-26, 2007.

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Dickson offers new dataloggers

Dickson Co., an instrument manufacturer, introduces new dataloggers suitable for measuring temperature and humidity in hydropower plants. The Dickson Pro Series Dataloggers feature built-in ports for faster downloading of data.

Users can choose from three models to match the needs of their application.

Model TP125 is a portable, compact, two-channel, battery-operated datalogger equipped with internal sensors for reading air temperature and humidity. Model SP125 also is portable. It features a one-channel option. Model SP175 is a two-channel datalogger featuring an internal sensor for reading air temperature and an external sensor for reading temperatures in extreme environments and difficult to reach places.

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Scot Forge adds press to expand cabability

Scot Forge, a supplier of forged metal parts, expanded its capabilities by adding one of the world’s largest custom-built, open die hydraulic presses to its holdings. With the 5,500-ton press, the company can produce carbon and alloy forgings in more diverse configurations in sizes up to 80,000 pounds. This includes parts with hub projections and flanges. It also can provide heavier and more intricate forging than previously available from materials with high deformation properties, including stainless, titanium, aluminum, and nickel.

While basic shapes still can be produced on many of Scot Forge’s other presses and hammer machines, the company said some nickel or specialty stainless grades might be of a size requiring the extra tonnage offered by the new press.

Forged parts for hydro applications include: stationary and rotating wear and seal rings for turbine runners; seal, seat, and wear rings for valves; and sleeve valves. The company also forges turbine hub bushings for Kaplan and bulb-type turbines, and parts for shafts and gates at hydro plants.

Scot Forge maintains a large inventory of ferrous and non-ferrous raw material. Hydro-specific materials include stainless, aluminum bronze, and nickel aluminum bronze.

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Optech laser scanners map hydro projects

Optech Inc. offers laser-based imaging and digitizing scanner systems ILRIS-3D and ILRIS 36D. At hydro projects, such systems can develop scans for use in monitoring surface movement and detecting changes at dams and adjacent land formations.

Data can be imported into three-dimensional modeling software for output as a slope or error map. In addition, the company said the scanners can generate as-built or in-progress drawings of hydroelectric projects.

By repeatedly surveying structures, successive scans can be combined in one file, and compared to one another. An error map can be generated indicating any changes between scans over time.

The ILRIS-3D scanner can compensate for motion, enabling scanning from moving platforms such as boats and mobile vehicles.

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RoMaDyn offers services for vibration installation

RoMaDyn, Donald E. Bently’s new rotating machinery engineering services company, offers assistance to hydro plant owners who are installing vibration equipment on rotating machines. Services offered include: technical design, equipment installation, project management, and on-site technical assistance.

RoMaDyn provides: technical electrical and mechanical AutoCAD packages for use in installing and modifying vibration equipment; on-site technical assistance during installation and/or modification of vibration systems; and project management services.

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