U.S. awards $689,000 contract for Yakima fish ladder

The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded a $689,000 contract to MRM Construction Inc. to build a fish ladder at Tieton Diversion Dam, one of eight diversion dams in the government’s Yakima project.

The agency said July 27 that MRM, of Ellensburg, Wash., will do the work, on the Tieton River 30 miles northwest of Yakima, as part of the Yakima-Tieton Fish Passage Improvements program.

Tieton is a five-foot-tall concrete structure built in 1908. (HNN 1/5/07) The Yakima project also features the 12-MW Chandler and 12.9-MW Roza powerhouses. (HNN 1/15/07)

The fish passage program is intended to enhance passage for bull trout and steelhead, both of which are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, BuRec said.

Work is scheduled to begin about Oct. 15 and be completed by May 31, 2008. Crews are expected to build a temporary cofferdam on one side of the river to create a safe working environment for construction personnel. The river will flow freely on the other side of the river during construction.