Issue 5 and Volume 28.

AXYS releases greenhouse gas monitoring system

AXYS Technologies Inc. announces GHG Sentinel, an instrument for performing time-series measurement of carbon dioxide, methane, and oxygen in freshwater environments.

GHG Sentinel can be deployed throughout a hydroelectric project, including the reservoir, powerhouse, and tailrace, the company says.

The instrument captures and processes time-series data, which can be used to calculate fluctuations in greenhouse gases, AXYS says. This data can be used to evaluate the contribution of hydroelectric power generation to greenhouse gas fluxes, the company says.
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Universal Flow Monitors offers new flowmeters

Universal Flow Monitors Inc. offers upgraded CoolPoint electronic flowmeters. This instrument can measure, monitor, and control the total amount of water used to lubricate bearings on water-cooled hydroelectric generators.

This flowmeter is especially useful in applications where water quality is less than optimal because it is not affected by silt particles that can clog mechanical meters, Universal Flow Monitors says.

Coolpoint flowmeter
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Upgrades to the CoolPoint electronic flowmeters include increased accuracy and improved “flow turndown” (i.e., the ratio of the maximum to the minimum flow rate that a flowmeter can measure).
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Stoel Rives offers blog on renewables

Stoel Rives announces launching of a blog, www.lawofrenewableenergy.com, on climate policy, renewable energy, and sustainability.

The business law firm said it intends for its Renewable + Law weblog, or journal, to serve as a catalyst for lively discussion about renewable energy and climate policies, major renewable projects, emerging technologies, market developments, new laws, and tax credits.

Through Renewable + Law, the firm regularly shares its interest in renewables, including hydropower, ocean energy, and hydrokinetic energy.
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GETAC notebook computer withstands salt corrosion

GETAC Inc.’s B300 notebook computer has received full “Salt Fog” certification. The certification, based on tests developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, indicates the computer’s protective coatings and finishes are able to repel salt corrosion and the effects of salt deposits on its physical and electrical components.

Salt Fog-MIL-STD 810F Method 509.3 is an optional feature. GETAC uses internal and third-party verification of conformity to the 509.3 standard. No formal certificate is issued; instead, a report is issued certifying that the computer has passed all tests required in MIL-STD 810F Method 509.3.

GETAC B300 notebook computer
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Salt Fog certification makes the B300 notebook suited to marine environments where salt or sea air can affect computer equipment, such as sites in the ocean being studied for possible hydrokinetic development.

The computer notebook is housed in a watertight magnesium alloy case. It is resistant to vibration and to being dropped. The B300 computer features optional night vision capabilities, security features, and an extra-bright screen.
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Whelen offers dam safety warning systems

Whelen Engineering Co. Inc. offers notification systems dam owners can incorporate in their dam safety programs. Ten models are available to serve a variety of applications.

The company’s WPS2900 Series mass notification warning products alert the public using a two-step approach. The first step is an audio tone, followed by voice communication.

The systems can alert communities downstream of a dam before, during, and after an event such as an unscheduled release of water or a dam breach, the company says.

Whelen designs and manufactures warning products. A product specification sheet with installation details is available for each WPS2900 Series mass notification product.
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