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14,000-MW Itaipu hydro project shores up dispatch with new transformer

Itaipu Binacional, which operates the 14,000-MW Itaipu hydroelectric power project on the Brazil-Paraguay border, announced a 375MVA transformer regulator has begun operations.

The unit, dubbed TxRx, is the 14,000-MW hydropower project’s fifth and aims to bolster supply to Paraguay in the lead-up to the planned Itaipu-Villa Hayes transmission project, Business News Americas reported.

Consortium ABB-CIE supplied and installed the TxRx under a US$17.7 million contract.

To buttress Itaipu’s transformer infrastructure even more, Itaipu earlier this year awarded consortium WEG-Tecnoelectric a US$11.4 million contract to supply a reserve transformer. This equipment is due to be in place in 2012.

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