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Reclamation awards two contracts for pair of hydro rehab projects

PALISADE, Colo., U.S. 1/6/12 (PennWell) — The Bureau of Reclamation has awarded contracts to Alstom Power and Basler Electric for work at the 8.64-MW Upper Molina and 4.86-MW Lower Molina hydroelectric plants.

The tender, issued in August 2011, called for the manufacture and delivery of one excitation system for each project.

Alstom’s contract, worth US$4.1 million, calls for the refurbishment of generators at Upper and Lower Molina.

Meanwhile, Basler’s contract — worth $557,580 — stipulates that the company will replace excitation systems for both projects.

Upper Molina, on Cottonwood Creek, and Lower Molina, on Plateau Creek, were built in 1962.