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Hydro-Quebec seeks partners to use SCOMPI robot in hydro turbine runners work

Hydro-Quebec invites expressions of interest in partnering arrangements to provide hydropower equipment manufacturing and refurbishment services using Hydro-Quebec’s SCOMPI robot technology. Responses are due Feb. 15.

The SCOMPI robot was developed by the Hydro-Quebec Research Institute (IREQ) in a major program to fight cavitation, which damages the steel surface of turbines and requires costly repairs. IREQ conducts innovative research projects to extend service life of facilities, boost performance, optimize maintenance, support energy efficiency, and improve customer service.

Since the first model of the compact robot was developed in 1991, there have been four generations of SCOMPI used by Hydro-Quebec to perform more than 40 major jobs. The robot can be used for repairing cracks and cavitation damage, reinforcing runners, preventive build-up welding, reshaping runner blades, refurbishing powerhouse and spillway head gates, and manufacturing turbine runners.

Hydro-Quebec now invites expressions of interest in partnership arrangements for providing services based on the use of the SCOMPI technology for manufacture and repair of hydropower equipment.

Information on obtaining application documents is available on Hydro-Quebec’s Internet site under Information on the SCOMPI robot is available under

Responses are due Feb. 15. For information, contact Bruno Marcotte, IT Procurement Unit, Hydro-Quebec (1) 514-840-3000, ext. 6765; E-mail: [email protected]; Internet: