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Cameroon makes deal for 330-MW Nachtigal Falls hydropower project

An agreement between Cameroon, Electricite de France and the International Finance Corporation will allow for the development of a new hydropower project along the Sanaga River.

Located at Cameroon‘s Nachtigal Falls, output from the US$814 million hydroelectric plant will be used primarily to supply power for an aluminum production facility at Edea.

Per the agreement, EDF will provide 40% of the funding, with IFC and Cameroon contributing 34% and 26%, respectively.

Work on the project is to begin six months.

The Nachtigal Falls plant will have a guaranteed capacity of 270 MW, though Cameroon’s government has previously expressed its interest in making its output capacity 330 MW.

Cameroon’s Electricity Development Corporation south expressions of interest from consultants in developing an integrated water resources management plan for the Sanaga River Basin in May, which also includes the 263-MW Edea, 396-MW Song Loulou and 30-MW Lom Pangar.

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