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Gate on Lobdell Lake Dam in Michigan stuck open

A dam in Argentine Township in Michigan, called Lobdell Lake Dam, is releasing excess water downstream due to a gate being stuck open.

The Tri-County Times reported on Facebook that the dam is broken and “Lobdell Lake is losing approximately 4 ½ inches of water a day.”

In a Nov. 3 Facebook post, Argentine Township supervisor Brian Saad is quoted as saying: “I was notified earlier this [Saturday] morning that the Lobdell Lake Dam door won’t close!! Our dam operator, John Harwood, thinks that a pin on the drive shaft that is supposed actuate the door, may be broken.

I have alerted the Genesee County Road Commission, the county government agency, has total operational control over the roadway, bridge and dam. Recently they (GCRC) informed Argentine Township that the dam doors would be replaced soon. As of yesterday evening we, Argentine Township, have received no word when that work is scheduled to be completed.

Byron City, please be advised that water and a lot of it is coming your way; until Genesee County can get crews out here and get the dam doors closed. Argentine Township Fire Chief, Matt Lafferty informed me he has notified people on his end.”