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18 hydropower tenders announced in Asia-Pacific region in Q3 2020

There were 261 power plant tenders announced in the Asia-Pacific region in Q3 2020, marking a rise of 18% over the last 12-month average of 221, according to GlobalData’s power industry tenders database. Of these, 18 tenders were related to hydropower.

T&D equipment stood at first place when compared with other power tender categories in the Asia-Pacific region in Q3 2020, with 421 tenders and a 34.7% share, followed by T&D project with 383 tenders and a 31.5% share and power plant with 261 tenders and a 21.5% share during the quarter.

The proportion of tenders by category tracked by GlobalData in the quarter was:

  • Project implementation: 223 tenders and an 85.4% share
  • Consulting and similar services: 24 tenders and a 9.2% share
  • Repair, maintenance, upgrade and others: 14 tenders and a 5.4% share.

Looking at power plant tenders by the type of technology in the Asia-Pacific region, solar accounted for 238 tenders with an 89.5% share, followed by hydro with 18 tenders and a 6.8% share and thermal with five tenders and a 1.9% share. Further specifics on the hydropower plants were not disclosed.

The top issuers of power plant tenders for the quarter in terms of power capacity involved in the Asia-Pacific region were:

  • NSW Coalition State Government: 8,000 MW from one tender
  • Solar Energy Corporation of India: 1,190 MW from four tenders
  • NTPC (India): 1,121.23 MW capacity from four tenders