Hydro 101: Master the basics at HYDROVISION International with Waterpower Hydro Basics

Particularly if you’re new to the hydroelectric power sector, or even a seasoned professional moving in a new direction, the Waterpower Hydro Basics Course is a perfect opportunity to...

Join us and network with your peers at HYDROVISION International 2021

We’ve all been cooped up at home, or in our workplaces, long enough! If you’re as eager as I am to get out, travel and network with people who...

Get free training on controls, pumped-storage turbine design with February HYDRO+

Our ongoing free monthly virtual training program HYDRO+ continues Feb. 23 with technical presentations on advancements in controls and instrumentation and pumped-storage turbine design. Hydro Review and HYDROVISION International are...

Equipment and Technology: Advancements in Controls and Pumped-Storage Turbine Design

This session will feature two technical presentations to give attendees updates on some of the latest technology advancements in hydropower, for both controlling...

Civil Works & Dam Safety: Real Life Simulation of Emergency Action Plans

Wednesday 27 Jan 2021 • 12PM - 1PM

This session will begin with a presentation on what happened when the emergency action plan was activated at Oroville Dam. How accurate are the assumptions we make in the emergency action plans on decisions, implementation and effectiveness? How would this work for our time-sensitive EAPs?

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The latest from http://HydroReview.com: Hydro 101: Master the basics at HYDROVISION International with Waterpower Hydro Basics. Read it here: https://www.hydroreview.com/business-finance/hydro-101-master-the-basics-at-hydrovision-international-with-waterpower-hydro-basics/

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