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One last fascinating story

A few months ago, in my normal course of work looking for news on hydropower worldwide, I came across a rather fascinating story.

Chicken wings and hydro: Parts, yum and hum

According to the National Chicken Council that has member companies which include chicken producer/processors, poultry distributors and allied industry firms, the organization estimated Americans would eat about 1.3 billion chicken wings on Feb. 7, during “Super Bowl Sunday.”  

The February Grab Bag

Pregame Whence writing a regular sports column in my younger days that, as I have admitted before, relied more heavily on a crutch gimmick than the actual literal crutch leant on by Timothy Cratchit --...

Anything you can do…

I won’t finish this saying with …we can do better. I think that is trite and oversimplified. I will say: Women can do amazing things, and by that I do not mean bake a really good pie.

Either get excited about untapped hydro potential or welcome in-home monitoring

I have not gone to the extreme of analyzing every phase of residential life in the U.S., but generally speaking, power consumption is one of the few areas in which there are no maximum usage limits -- for now. 

Community outreach done right

I had the opportunity to edit a piece for the July 2015 edition of Hydro Review magazine titled, “Success for Sitka”, that chronicled the expansion of Alaska’s Blue Lake hydroelectric plant, and while the work was interesting enough by itself, I was particularly intrigued by the community outreach program the project’s developers conducted.  

How hydro can aid the fight against HIV

You may not be making the connection with that headline. I sure didn’t when I first saw this story.

Can we all get along?

Oh, hey there, hydro industry professional. Do you have time for a few simple yes-or-no questions? You do? OK, great. Let's get started then, shall we? Question 1: Did you know that hydroelectricity is no longer...

Characterising turbulence to commercialise tidal arrays

At the International Tidal Energy Summit (ITES) which took place in London recently, delegates heard a presentation on new guidance for the assessment and characterisation of turbulence in marine environments.

On the road again

Back in the day, I used to be a pretty enthusiastic cyclist.