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The list only continues from this point. If you had told me ten years ago how important social media would be in the workplace, I would have laughed. At the time, social media was simply a means to procrastinate instead of working on an assignment in college. Or a way to stay connected with friends after high school graduation.

While social media had juvenile and light-hearted origins, it has evolved into an important player in industry.

Those of us at and HydroVision International have exerted a concentrated effort on social media in the past few months, specifically on LinkedIn and now Google +.

I’ll be honest and say that we were not entirely sure what to expect from our efforts. Survey results showed us that as an industry, hydropower had a significant presence on LinkedIn so we knew the audience was there.

What we didn’t know is how our activity, and in a larger sense, our community would expand as a result of posting on LinkedIn.

Every time I receive an e-mail letting me know that someone has added to one of our discussions on LinkedIn, I feel the industry getting a little bit smaller, a little bit closer. Each post, comment, and like is a point of connection, linking me, sitting in my desk in Tulsa, Oklahoma to all of you, regardless of location.

And that is why we do social media. Why we post on Twitter and on Facebook.

To us, social media is more than just a tool to build our audience and keep you all informed on what’s going on with the Hydro group. It’s an opportunity to connect, to chat, to discuss something we both care about, or maybe even disagree on. It’s an opportunity to make new contacts over a shared interest.

In a word, it’community.

While we have certainly benefitted from this community in the past few months, we want each individual industry member to benefit just as much.

So don’t just follow us on Twitter, tweet us back. Tell us what you think.

Connect with us on Google + and check out some of the amazing content Online Editor Michael Harris produces daily on the website.

Join the HydroWorld LinkedIn group and start a discussion. Have a burning question? Ask it. Engage with us and the rest of the online community we are building day by day.

Find us on Facebook and check out the “Throwback Thursday” picture we added of our publisher Marla Barnes at the 1998 HydroVision International event. And look for even more pictures like it from the entire editorial team.

Let’s keep in touch. Let’s connect. Let’s build our community.

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Bethany Duarte formerly was associate editor of Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines.

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