Crickets are chirping

While it is a bit challenging to follow up on fellow editor Elizabeth Ingram’s blog post last week covering the best of the best (or worst) in dam humor, I will make a valiant effort. After chuckling at some awful hydro jokes, I realized that the appeal of Elizabeth’s blog is a wonderful reflection on our industry.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I see this industry as a perfect mix of expertise and humor. The sense of community is unparalleled, and it’s obvious when you read the comfortable tone we take when chatting with you via this blog.

As a result, I was a bit surprised when I saw no comments or responses to the blog, and more surprisingly, no additional jokes added. I KNOW you all have some more humorous one-liners in your repertoire.

When the hydro editors first brought up the idea of having a weekly blog, one of our goals was to facilitate conversation, to keep the talk going online in between shows, meetings, e-mails, and phone calls. As is the online community for the hydropower industry, what better place is there to start a dialogue about anything and everything hydro (including jokes and sarcastic commentary to brighten all of our days).

It also gives each of us editors the opportunity to have our own voice and show our own thoughts on the industry. If you pay attention to our posts, we each have our own little sector that we like to talk about and feel confident discussing. It’s a great break from our more technical work, and as Elizabeth mentioned, a great way to delve into the creative parts of our brains.

The tricky thing about dialogue is it requires multiple voices. So far, the crickets have been chirping pretty loudly. This is where you come in!

We love receiving comments on our blogs and on our regular news stories as well. Agree? Disagree? Want to bring up another topic we didn’t include? We want to hear about it.

So scroll down just a bit, place your cursor in the box below and let us know what you think!

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Bethany Duarte formerly was associate editor of Hydro Review and HRW-Hydro Review Worldwide magazines.

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