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Hydro dam role in water management

The significance of dams in regulating water flows has been highlighted by two recent developments — events that are taking place almost the world apart.

Speaking out for hydro

In January, a columnist with Canada’s The Globe and Mail newspaper wrote an opinion editorial entitled “Big Hydro’s big days are behind it.”

Years from now we may know the costs of the current El Nino

Hard science lets us know El Nino is real, but how much the weather event could cost Asia and the western United States, in terms of reduced hydroelectric generation and increased fossil fuel cots, is an unknown. 

Europe leading tidal development, but US and Asia catching up

New analysis from market research and analysis firm Frost & Sullivan finds that the UK remains the front-runner in the development of newer tidal energy solutions, buoyed by good tidal resources and a supportive regulatory scenario.

EPA’s revised Clean Power Plan likely coming today

I would imagine that my musings on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's pending update to the controversial Clean Power Plan may be void by the time many of you read this -- assuming the plan is released later today as expected -- but I feel it's still worth discussing given the ambiguous role hydroelectric power played in a draft released by EPA last June.

Come on get happy

I recently took my daughters to see the Pixar movie Inside Out, so I’ve been thinking about feelings more than normal.

HydroVision International 2015 was a ‘wicket’ cool week enjoying liquid gold

Wow! What for some may be just another conference, for me, HydroVision International 2015 (HVI15) was a full-bodied experience. 

Preparing to launch

It was a bit of a wrench for me to look at the HydroEvent.com website yesterday and see that countdown clock on the top right flashing 5 Days and 8 Hours until HydroVision International 2015.

Hydropower — leading global renewable energy capacity growth

New and authoritative figures from the REN21 Renewables Global Status Report 2015 indicate some 37 GW of new hydropower capacity was commissioned in 2014, increasing total global capacity by 3.6%. 

Mules, enemies and fog make for adventure in Grand Canyon

By traveling rim hugging trail ways, visitors to the Grand Canyon have the opportunity to view the effect massive amounts of water have had on the formation of one of the natural wonders of the world.