10 hydropower projects sold in August A-5 auction, EPE says

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A total of 10 Brazilian hydroelectric power projects were put to bid during the Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica’s (EPE) A-5 power auction this past week.

The federal energy planning company said in a release that the auction brought an average wholesale price of about US$53 per/MWh.

Brazil’s 400-MW Sinop was the largest hydropower project included in the auction, fetching about $47.8 p/MWh. The difference is about 7.3% down from the $51.55 p/MWh cap set by the Agencia Nacional de Energia Electrica (ANEEL).

EPE said Sinop was secured by a consortium that includes Alupar and Eletrobras.

Nine small hydroelectric were also auctioned, though EPE did not disclaim their capacities, buyers or locations.

A second A-5 auction that could include up to six additional hydropower projects is scheduled for December 13.

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