30-kW Killington Reservoir Overspill small hydroelectric project officially opens in England

On Jan. 4, the 30-kW Killington Reservoir Overspill hydroelectric project was officially opened, located east of Cumbria in northeastern England, UK.

The Canals & Rivers Trust, a UK governmental organization established in 2012 responsible for “the guardianship of British Waterways’ canals, rivers, reservoirs and docks in England and Wales,” owns the reservoir.

The scheme cost about US$371,000 and includes a 40-year lease between CEC and the Canals & Rivers Trust, negotiated on CEC’s behalf by project developer, Ellergreen Hydro Ltd. The lease addresses access, water flow, maintenance and rent.

Killington Reservoir includes two large earthen dams that impound 3,236 million liters of water when full, supplying 22.7 million liters of water a day to the Lancaster Canal, via Peasey Beck.

According to Ellergreen Hydro Ltd., a 30-kW medium-head scheme was retrofitted to existing Killington Reservoir infrastructure. The project began development in June 2011.

The project includes the following:

  • Turbine – Crossflow;
  • Generator – 34-kVA 6-pole induction;
  • Intake type – Existing draw down pipe;
  • Gross head – 15 meters;
  • Catchment area – 8.25 km2;
  • Max turbine flow – 300 liters per second;
  • Max output – 30 kW; and
  • Penstock length – 100 meters.

Ellergreen Hydro is located in Cumbria, and was founded by Mark Cropper, chairman of James Cropper plc, a paper manufacturing company, and Charles Crewdson, chairman of renewable energy manufacturer Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon in Kendal.

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Gregory B. Poindexter formerly was an associate editor for HydroWorld.com.

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