Allocation made toward developing Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project in Wales

The Board of Directors for Port of Milford Haven, located in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, says it has allocated US$896,365 to “kick start” dockyard improvements that will form part of Pembroke Dock Marine.

Port of Milford Haven will partner with Marine Energy Wales, ORE Catapult and Wave Hub to develop the center.

The funding, according to the board, will maintain momentum on the crucial planning and consenting work and will help ensure building work can commence quickly once the City Deal business plan has been signed off.

According to the board’s Dec. 19 announcement, Pembroke Dock Marine is part of the $101.7 million Swansea Bay City Deal Project from which industry can conduct marine energy research and development, fabrication, and test and deploy prototypes in Pembrokeshire as part of the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project.

The overall estimated cost of the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon project is $1.8 billion. Project developers say it includes a 6-mile-long sea wall that would generate power using rising and falling tides via 16 underwater turbines dotting its length, enough power for 155,000 homes.

Chief Executive Alec Don, said, “By releasing this funding, the Port is demonstrating its confidence in the project. The funding creates vital impetus for Pembroke Port and Pembroke Dock Marine, allowing us to tackle extensive planning legwork now, so that we can hit the road running when the full City Deal funding comes through.”

According to published reports, in November, proponents for the overall project delivered a letter signed by more than 100 businesses to the prime minister urging the UK government to approve project funding.

The government responded saying it would “publish its response in due course” after reviewing recommendations from several organizations, including the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change.

In July 2016, reported “Brexit,” Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, could negatively impact the Swansea Bay tidal project.

In 2015, Marine Energy Pembrokeshire published a report detailing the project’s possible positive impact on the Welsh economy.

Commercial operation is scheduled for 2019.

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