Andritz to refurbish controls of three Swiss Rhine River plants

Andritz Hydro of Austria has received four contracts totaling more than US$12 million to renovate instrumentation and controls of three hydroelectric projects on the Rhine River in Switzerland.

Energiedienst Holding AG and Kraftwerk Augst AG awarded the contracts for refurbishment work at the 23.5-MW Augst, 22.88-MW Wyhlen, and 110-MW Laufenburg hydroelectric projects.

Contracts awarded to Andritz included:
o Renewal of instrumentation for Augst, 3.7 million francs (US$3.4 million);
o Renewal of instrumentation for Wyhlen, 2.6 million euros (US$3.6 million);
o Renewal of water regime automatic controller for the Augst-Wyhlen complex, 1.3 million francs (US$1.2 million); and
o Renewal of instrumentation for Laufenburg, 2.9 million euros (US$3.9 million).

To be complete by February 2012, the work includes interpretation, construction, manufacturing, assembly, start-up, and complete documentation.

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