Argentina’s Enarsa begins privatization process

Responsibilities for several Argentinian hydropower plants are being shuffled as part of a state-mandated effort to reallocate government equity.

The plan will see utility Energia Argentina SA (Enarsa) merge with Emprendimientos Energeticos Binacionales Sociedad Anonima (Ebisa), per order of Argentina’s Energy and Mining Ministry.

Ebisa is Argentina’s half of the corporation that runs the 3.2-GW Yacyreta hydroelectric plant. The facility straddles the Parana River between Argentina and Paraguay, meaning the countries share responsibility for its operation via a joint venture named Entidad Binacional.

In addition to its merger with Enarsa, Ebisa will also forfeit power generation contracts for the 1,140-MW Condor Cliff (also called the “Presidente Nestor Kirchner project”) and 600-MW La Barrancosa to the state. The projects are currently under construction on the Santa Cruz River in southern Argentina.

Also in Latin America
Costa Rica’s Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) has dissolved its contract with Hidrotarcoles, which was selected in April 2012 to build the 50-MW Capulin-San Pablo project.

ICE said it began taking legal action against the contractor after it failed to meet a commercial startup date of Aug. 1, 2015.

Hidrotarcoles, which said the deadline was moved to July 2017, could still appeal ICE’s decision, though the builder noted construction is still only about halfway complete and would not be finished until December 2019.

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