Atel buys four small Swiss hydros from Ziegler Papier

Swiss small hydro developer Atel Ecopower AB has purchased four small hydroelectric projects from Ziegler Papier AG of Grellingen.

Atel Ecopower, a unit of utility Aare-Tessin AG fur Elektrizitat (Atel), said the four plants, Nenzlingen, Moos, Buttenen 1 and Buttenen 2, total 2.2 MW and are located on the Birs River in Basel-Land Canton.

The four plants, which were built in the 1940s and renovated in the 1990s, generate 12 million kWh annually. They have licenses from Basel-Land that are valid until 2077.

Atel said Ziegler is selling the four plants as part of a move to concentrate on its core business. Atel Ecopower is intensifying its commitment to small hydropower.

Atel said in July it plans to invest 200 million francs (US$164.7 million) in the development of small hydropower plants in Norway over the next seven years. (HNN 7/26/07)

Atel founded Atel Ecopower AG in Switzerland in 2006 with an initial injection of 50 million francs (US$41.4 million) to develop of small hydropower plants at several dozen locations. Atel said last year it plans to exploit the economically viable potential of renewable energy sources, as a first move, by building four small hydro plants in Switzerland and Italy, plus two wind farms on Italy’s island of Sicily.

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