BC Hydro undertakes improvements at Hugh L. Keenleyside Dam

BC Hydro has undertaken a project at Hugh L. Keenleyside Dam to replace, refurbish and add new equipment on the spillway and low-level outlet gates at the flood control dam. The dam spans the Columbia River, 6.5 miles upstream of the city of Castlegar, British Columbia, Canada.

Although the total cost of the project is not immediately available, the scope of work at the facility includes upgrading the mechanical components, electrical power systems and the protection and control systems.

The 2,800-ft-long earthfill and concrete dam was built to fulfill part of Canada’s role in the Columbia River Treaty and, along with Duncan Dam, help prevent flooding and control the flow of water in the Columbia River for downstream hydroelectric facilities. BC Hydro said upgrades are also intended to enhance its ability to safely manage flood waters downstream of the dam, protecting both the dam and downstream communities.

The dam was commissioned in October 1968 and BC Hydro said the additional improvements will provide a safer working environment for employees and will ensure the long-term reliability of the spillway gates over the next 40 years at the facility.

The project’s final commissioning is scheduled for April 2016.

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Gregory B. Poindexter formerly was an associate editor for HydroWorld.com.

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