Belgium issues second call for emissions reduction projects

The Belgium Environment Ministry has issued its second invitation for expressions of interest from projects, including hydropower and ocean energy plants, to supply 12.3 million tons of carbon emissions credits by 2012. Responses are due on five dates from May 9 to November 21.

After its first tender was issued in May 2005 with a budget of 10 million euros (US$13.3 million), the Belgium government decided to launch a second solicitation with an initial budget of 22 million euros (US$29.38 million).

Belgium seeks to purchase emission reductions from Joint Implementation (JI) projects in industrialized countries and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in developing countries. The program was created under terms of the Kyoto Protocol for reduction of gases thought to contribute to global warming.

Eligible projects would utilize: renewable energy such as hydropower, tidal or wave energy, solar or wind energy, or geothermal power; energy efficiency including cogeneration; and clean, “sustainably grown” biomass.

The Belgian JI/CDM Tender offers: advance payments of up to 50 percent of contract value to facilitate project implementation; financial contributions of 40,000 euros (US$53,425) for document preparation; an additional 10,000 euros (US$13,356) to projects from �least developed countries�; flexibility in contract negotiation; and comprehensive assistance from the JI/CDM Team.

Expressions of interest, qualification, and technical capacity, in English, French, or Dutch, are due by May 9, June 20, August 29, October 10, or November 21. Selected candidates are to be invited to submit proposals on five dates from August 29 to May 21, 2008.

Information, tender documents, and forms are available on the program’s Internet site, A JI/CDM Tender Workshop is scheduled April 24 in Brussels. Registration to attend is due April 16.

For information, contact: JI/CDM Team, Climate Change Section, DG Environment, Victor Hortaplein 40, Box 10, B-B-1060 Brussels, Belgium; Jan Meuleman (32) 2-5249503, Tine Heyse (32) 2-5249531; Fax: (32) 2-5249601; E mail:

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