Brazil completes rules for October power auction

Electricity regulator Agencia Nacional de Energia Eletrica (ANEEL) has completed bidding rules for Brazil’s October 10 auction of electricity from new power projects and for concessions to develop six hydro projects totaling 1,156.3 MW.

ANEEL’s latest announcement added a sixth large hydro project, 350-MW Baixo Iguacu on the Iguacu River in Parana State, to the five previously announced projects among the concession offerings. (HNN 8/24/06)

The agency set ceiling prices of 125 reais (US$58.76) per MWh for hydropower and 140 reais (US$65.82) per MWh for thermal projects.

It set separate ceiling prices per MWh for each of the larger hydro projects:
o Baixo Iguacu, 123 reais (US$57.82);
o 80-MW Barra do Pomba, Paraiba do Sul River, Rio de Janeiro State, 125 reais (US$58.76);
o 50-MW Cambuci, Paraiba do Sul River, Rio de Janeiro State, 152 reais (US$71.46);
o 261-MW Dardanelos, Aripuana River, Mato Grosso State, 120 reais (US$56.41);
o 362-MW Maua, Tibaji River, Parana State, 116 reais (US$54.53); and
o 53.3-MW Salto Grande, Chopim River, Parana State, 124 reais (US$58.29).

However, ANEEL said inclusion of the hydro projects is dependent on their obtaining environmental licenses by September 26. Three of the projects continued to be examined by courts or environmental agencies.

ANEEL said the new bidding information and annexes are on its Internet site,, under Licitacoes/Editais de Geracao. The auction is to be the first conducted on the Internet.

In addition to the larger hydro plants, the auction is to include sale of power from about 160 small hydro and thermal power plants, with offered capacity totaling about 24,000 MW. Projects include new plants delivering power by January 2011, enlargement of existing plants, and projects that began operation by January 2000 that did not obtain energy contracts by March 2004.

The previous auction in June attracted US$1.4 billion in investments to build 18 new power plants, including seven small hydroelectric projects and 11 thermal plants totaling 598 MW.

For information, see ANEEL’s Internet site,, or contact Ministerio de Minas e Energia, Esplanada dos Ministerios, Bloco U, Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil; (55) 61-33195555; Fax: (55) 61-33215628; Internet:

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