Bulgaria municipal project includes dam work

The government of Bulgaria plans to seek consultants and contractors for a municipal water supply program that includes rehabilitation and completion of dams.

With World Bank financing, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works plans to seek bids for a municipal infrastructure development project to improve provision of water supply services.

Work is to include preparing projects eligible for European Union structural funds, updating land use plans in coastal municipalities, rehabilitating the water network and supporting institutional improvements in regional water companies, and rehabilitating and completing dams to ensure adequate water supply.

Prospective bidders who want to be on a mailing list to receive invitations to pre-qualify or bid are invited to contact the address below. For information, contact Director Plamen Nikiforov, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Water Supply and Sewerage Directorate, 17-19 Kiril I Metodii St., 1202 Sofia, Bulgaria; (359) 2-9882382; Fax: (359) 2-9802838; E-mail: pnikiforov@mrrb.government.bg; Internet: www.mrrb.government.bg.

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