Bulgaria seeks bids to privatize 168-kW Hubcha

Bulgaria’s Privatization Agency seeks bids July 3 to privatize the 168-kW Hubcha hydroelectric project on the Ustovo River. Bid documents must be obtained by June 28.

The project is among 36 spun off for privatization from Bulgaria’s National Electricity Co.

Hubcha, which began operation in 1950 near Bostina, has two horizontal Francis turbine-generators. The Privatization Agency said it generated 168,272 kilowatt-hours in 2001, 194,897 kWh in 2000, and 295,195 kWh in 1999.

Bidding documents may be obtained until June 28 from the Privatization Agency, Room N412, for 1,000 levs (US$648). The Privatization Agency said the initial auction value of the project is 260,000 levs (US$168,400), the bidding step is 20,000 levs (US$12,900), and the participation deposit is 50,000 levs (US$32,400).

Bids are due at 2 p.m. July 3 in an auction on the agency premises. For information, contact Pavlina Nikolova, Bulgaria Privatization Agency, Aksakov 29 Str., Sofia 1000 Bulgaria: (359) 2-9873294; Fax: (359) 2-9816201; E-mail: nikolova@priv.government.bg; Internet: www.priv.government.bg.

Bulgarian firm wins 72-kW Yakoruda

Business BG Group Correct Ltd. of Sofia was declared winner in May of the auction of the 72-kW Yakoruda hydro project on the Mesta River.

The Privatization Agency said the firm paid 670,000 levs (US$434,000), 13 times higher than the initial asking price. Bids were submitted by 27 companies, of which three were disqualified for documentation that did not meet requirements.

Yakoruda began operation in 1932 on the drinking water supply system of the town of Yakoruda. It has a single 1931 Voith horizontal Pelton turbine and a 1964-vintage Vasil Kolarov generator. It averaged more than 378,000 kWh for the last ten years.

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