Canada invests C$115,000 for virtual tidal energy atlas

Earlier this month, the government of Canada announced an investment of C$65,000, through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency’s (ACOA) Innovative Communities Fund (ICF), in support of an online tidal energy atlas. This platform gathers physical, environmental and infrastructure data from tidal sites along the Bay of Fundy and makes this information accessible online.

In addition to ACOA’s investment, the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and the Offshore Energy Research Association are each investing $20,000 in the project. The Fundy Ocean Research Center (FORCE) is also investing $10,000 that makes the total investment $115,000.

The tool will aid in decision-making related to research, development and deployment by yielding insights such as the visualization of physical and environmental layers of a site, available power potential, existing turbulence and the presence of marine life.

The project is a partnership between the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute in Wolfville, FORCE in Parrsboro, and Fall River’s Tekmap Consulting and resulted in a successful beta-version of the technology funded by the Offshore Energy Research Association. When launched, the fully-formed tool will help to build a competitive, sustainable tidal energy industry across the province as well as provide educational benefits for the broader community.

The model can also be used to develop similar tools for tidal energy sectors along Canada’s coastlines, as well as inform comparable projects throughout the renewable energy sector globally.

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