Cape Sharp Tidal moves forward on 4-MW MHK project at FORCE

Cape Sharp Tidal, in a joint venture between Emera Inc. and OpenHydro, is taking final steps to deploy 2-MW Open-Centre marine hydrokinetic (MHK) ducted turbines at the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) in the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The cost of the project is not being disclosed at this time, according to company officials.

Cape Sharp Tidal said it plans to deploy two turbines to a fully grid-connected 4-MW tidal array at FORCE and “begin spinning” by the end of 2015. “This project has potential to be one of the world’s first multi-megawatt arrays of interconnected tidal turbines, providing energy to more than 1,000 customers in Nova Scotia,” the company said.

“Cape Sharp Tidal is seeking to use the initial 4-MW farm as the first phase of a commercial-scale project which, subject to regulatory approvals, will see the development grow to an output of 16 MW [six more turbines] in 2017, 50 MW [17 more turbines] in 2019, and up to 300 MW [150 more turbines] of energy in the 2020s, generating power for nearly 75,000 customers,” according to the company’s project details.

On Oct. 21, Emera said it awarded Atlantic Towing a contract and the agreement details specialized marine services including harbor and terminal towage, ocean and coastal towage, barging services, offshore support such as anchor installation and more. The Atlantic Towing contract is the latest of several contract awards by Cape Sharp Tidal, with more than C$33 million invested in Nova Scotia to-date.

CBC News reports that during an open house in Halifax on Sept. 28, Cape Sharp Tidal project leader, Jeremy Poste, said the company is putting the finishing touches on a 1,000-tonne turbine set to be installed in the Bay of Fundy by the end of 2015.

“At this stage, we are finalizing the manufacturing,” Poste said. “We’ll be assembling the turbine components in the next few days.”

“Definitely between November and December, by the end of this year, we will have a turbine under water, on seabed, generating electricity.”

OpenHydro installed a $10 million turbine at FORCE in 2009, but tidal currents in the Bay of Fundy destroyed the apparatus. However, in partnership with Emera for summer 2015 implementation of their new venture, Cape Sharp Tidal, the company is expected to deploy a small number of turbines at FORCE under their existing berth.

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