Changing Times

We’re in the midst of changing times. While the headlines often portray changes in a negative light, most of us are well aware that there are two sides to every coin: Challenges beget opportunities.

Back in our shop, we, too, are experiencing major changes. This issue of Hydro Review is, in fact, the second to be published under new ownership. In late 2008, PennWell Corporation purchased the business assets of HCI Publications. At that time, the January 2009 issue of Hydro Review was already at press, too late to include an announcement of the change.

In addition to Hydro Review, PennWell’s purchase includes other entities, including the news service, Waterpower and HydroVision conferences, and international hydropower magazine HRW. Most former HCI staff are now employed by PennWell, and Leslie Eden and I, the former principals of the business, are consultants to PennWell.

In business since 1910, PennWell [] is a large, diversified publisher and conference organizer with roots running deep in the energy and electricity supply businesses. Many readers will be familiar with PennWell products and activities. These include (to name only a few) the Oil & Gas Journal — the “bible” of the oil and gas industry — PowerGen conferences, and Power Engineering and Power Engineering International magazines.

Long established as a leader in the field of conventional electricity supply, more recently PennWell has taken a leading position in the field of renewable energy. The company publishes Renewable Energy World magazine and organizes a highly regarded annual renewable energy conference. Hydropower, uniquely among major sources of electricity, has a strong standing in both these sectors: conventional electricity generation and renewable energy. Owing to the high level of interest in increasing domestic energy supplies and in limiting greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy is, today, a hot commodity.

From 1980 through 2008, HCI proudly served as a provider of hydro-related products and services. The industry has been good to HCI, and we hope HCI’s efforts have been good for the industry. Going forward, we’re confident PennWell provides both a good home for continuing excellent service to the industry and a platform for supporting hydropower in its growth and development as a highly beneficial source of energy and electrical services.

Within PennWell, publication of Hydro Review is overseen by Richard Baker, Vice President, Global Energy Group. In addition to Rich’s name, you’ll see familiar names on the masthead, along with names new to the magazine.

You may note, below, that my new title is Editor Emeritus. In the publishing business, that’s a euphemism for “the old guy’s moving to the side and getting out of the way of younger blood that’s anxious, ready, and willing to take on the challenges that lie ahead.” Both Leslie Eden and I are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to serve the hydro industry’s various constituencies. And while we’ll have new roles in the future, we hope and expect to “see you around the neighborhood” in the coming months and years.

Editor Emeritus


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