Converteam to boost performance of Liyang pumped storage plant

Power conversion specialist Converteam signed a contract with NARI Technology Development Company to supply Static Frequency Converters for the 1500-MW Liyang Pumped Storage Power Plant, the largest pumped storage plant in Jiangsu Province.

Converteam’s scope of supply includes two sets of 18-MW water-cooled Static Frequency Converters, equipped with a high-performance control platform. The SFCs will be used to start-up and run up quickly in pump mode six sets of reversible hydro turbine motor/generators, rated at 250-MW each. When entering into operation in 2015, turbines will pump water to a higher elevation during off-peak times and release the power through the same pump-turbines during high demand periods.

Converteam’s SFCs offer braking possibilities by regenerating the power to the grid. They also offer the flexibility to be used for rotor balancing, bearing inspection and maintenance of the shaft. Compared to a fixed speed solution, this variable speed drive solution can save up to 50 percent of energy consumption, thus contributing to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

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