Corps lists stimulus projects targeted for $4.6 billion

Work at a number of hydroelectric projects is included in a list of the Corps of Engineers’ civil works projects that are to receive a total of $4.6 billion from an economic stimulus bill passed in February.

The list, released April 28, includes about 178 construction projects, 892 operations and maintenance projects, 45 Mississippi River and tributaries projects, and 76 other projects. The Corps said no project on the list is a �new start.� Funds are to be used to complete increments of work on previously started projects and, in some cases, complete such projects, the Corps said.

The Corps plans to distribute the $4.6 billion among several program accounts, much of it to: operation and maintenance, $2.075 billion; construction, $2 billion; and Mississippi River and tributaries projects, $375 million.

Hydropower projects receiving funds from the construction account include 130-MW Walter F. George Dam in Alabama and Georgia, to complete modification for rehabilitation of four hydropower units, $2.5 million. The list also includes $18 million for 270-MW Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky, site of a large dam safety program, (HNN 3/18/09) and $29.4 million for various work at 517.8-MW Garrison Dam in North Dakota.

Additionally, the list allocates about $21.5 million to Columbia River Fish Mitigation projects in the Pacific Northwest, including $8.7 million to advance biological work required by court decision. (HNN 6/25/08) It also includes $6.9 million for Missouri River Recovery Plan contracts to support native fish and wildlife.

The Corps said the projects represent a set of investments that would contribute to economic development and aquatic ecosystem restoration. It said it made its allocation from the construction funds based on economic and environmental return of its ongoing projects.

The full list of projects is available from a Corps Internet site,;

The $4.6 billion was included in the $787 billion stimulus bill, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which President Obama signed in February. (HNN 2/24/09)

The Corps said it intends to quickly put the dollars into action, putting citizens to work on Corps projects throughout the U.S. while building long-term value for the nation’s water resources projects. Projects on the list are expected to create or maintain 57,400 direct construction industry jobs and 64,000 indirect jobs.


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