Customized Energy Solutions providing dispatch, monitoring services for Central Rivers Power hydro fleet

Customized Energy Solutions (CES) has commenced work under an agreement with Central Rivers Power to provide operations, dispatch and scheduling support for nine hydroelectric generating plants in New Hampshire with a total capacity of 68 MW.

The hydro plants were recently purchased by Hull Street Energy from Eversource Energy. Central Rivers Powers is an affiliate of Hull Street Energy, a private equity firm that acquires, optimizes and grows middle market power businesses through the application of risk management, efficiency enhancements and commodity contract structuring.

Hull Street acquired the facilities in August 2018 from Eversource. They are: 16-MW Amoskeag, 8.4-MW Ayers Island, 1.1-MW Canaan, 6.4-MW Eastman Falls, 12.1-MW Garvins Falls, 2.2-MW Gorham, 1.6-MW Hooksett, 3.2-MW Jackman and 17.2-MW Smith

“CES is … pleased to be providing services to Central Rivers Power. We appreciate Hull St Energy’s broad-based experience and qualitative approach to its energy investments, and we are honored to have Central Rivers Power select our 24-hour market operations center to help maximize the value of their recent hydropower purchase,” said Erik Paulson, CES vice president of wholesale market services.

“We appreciate CES’ professionalism and demonstrated experience in the ISO-New England markets, as well as its technical capabilities with generation management. CES’ staff and energy management systems have enabled a cut-over to the new ownership without any downtime, and help us ensure safe, reliable operation of the plants,” said Todd Wynn, chief executive officer of Central Rivers Power.

CES is an energy advisory company that works with clients to navigate the wholesale and retail electricity markets across the U.S. and globally. The company offers software solutions, back office operational support, 24-hour market operations and dispatch support, and advisory services focused on asset optimization and efficiency. CES is also a third-party asset manager of just under 10,000 MW of generation load across all the ISOs in the U.S. and Ontario, Canada.

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