Czech company upgrades Bulgarian plants

Czech Republic hydropower operator Energo-Pro said it has spent 5.5 million euros (US$7 million) to rehabilitate three hydro plants in Bulgaria’s Sandanska Bistritsa cascade, which it bought by privatization auction in 2002.

Energo-Pro said it provided most of the money required, with the remainder financed by the Czech Export Guarantee and Insurance Corp. and the Czech Export Bank. The company originally paid US$33.1 million for the cascade, 21.5-MW Popina Laka, 20-MW Lilianovo, and 14.2-MW Sandanski, on the Sandanska Bistritsa River.

Energo-Pro said it has allocated 5 million levs (US$3.2 million) to upgrade the 17-MW Petrohan cascade, which it acquired for 33.6 million levs (US$21.7 million) by privatization auction. The cascade has three plants, 8-MW Petrohan, 5.9-MW Barzia, and 3.7-MW Klisura, on the Lom and Ogosta rivers.

The company said it also plans to implement an upgrade program in two or three years at the 29-MW Koprinka cascade, which it acquired by auction for 16.1 million levs (US$10.4 million). The cascade has two plants, 7-MW Koprinka and 22.4-MW Stora Zagora, on the Tunja River.

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