Czech firm awards contracts to equip Klastersky, build Doudlevce hydros

PRAGUE, Czech Republic 11/2/11 (PennWell) — Hydro developer RenoEnergie a.s. has awarded contracts to Czech firms to equip the Klastersky small hydroelectric project and to build the 180-kW Doudlevce project in the Czech Republic.

RenoEnergie took bids in February to equip both Klastersky on the Otava River and Doudelevce on the Radbuza River. It took bids in August to build Doudlevce.

The developer awarded a 10 million koruna (US$548,445) contract to Hydrohrom s.r.o. of Bystrice to supply turbines and other equipment for Klastersky. Hydrohrom was one of two bidders for the work.

RenoEnergie awarded a 19.4 million koruna (US$1 million) contract to the consortium Sdruzeni firem MVE Doudlevce to construct the Doudlevce small hydro on the left bank of the Radbuza. Led by Metrostav of Prague, the consortium was one of three bidders for the work.

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Czech firm awards contract to equip 4.2-MW Roudnice

Hydro developer RenoEnergie a.s. has awarded a contract to Mavel a.s. of the Czech Republic to equip the 4.2-MW Roudnice hydroelectric project on the Elbe River.

RenoEnergie took bids in June to equip Roudnice, which is to have a head of 2.2 meters and flows of 225 cubic meters per second.

The contract is valued at 158.9 million koruny (US$9.6 million) and is to require 19 months to complete.

RenoEnergie awarded a contract in 2009 to Mavel to supply turbines and related equipment to the 2.65-MW Lovosice-Pistany 1 project in the Czech Republic. Mavel is a manufacturing and engineering company focusing on the production of turbines and related products for hydroelectric plants ranging in size from 3 kW to more than 30 MW.