Dam infrastructure firm Gannett Fleming announces several promotions

Gannett Fleming, a firm that provides dam infrastructure and hydro expertise, has recently announced several job promotions and changes.

First, Paul J. Lewis, P.E., has been named director of the Environmental Resources Division. Lewis, a vice president based in the corporate headquarters in Harrisburg, Pa., also serves as Geotechnical Practice Leader.

Lewis provides management oversight for 250 engineers and scientists, with a focus on developing technical talent, advancing innovation and maintaining technical quality. He has more than 32 years of experience in engineering consulting, management and technical review of geotechnical activities. He has prepared designs for dams, earth structures and tunnels.

Next, Trent L. Dreese, P.E., has been named Earth Science and Hydraulics Practice Leader, based in the Harrisburg office. Dreese is a vice president and previously served as manager of the Geotechnical Section.

He has more than 25 years of technical and management experience and oversees the combined Geotechnical, Dams and Hydraulics, and Environmental GIS practices. In this role, he establishes best practices, monitors quality standards and leads business development initiatives.

Third, Christopher S. Bailey, P.E., was named a vice president and manager of the company’s Geotechnical Section, based in the Harrisburg office. He serves as supervisor of Gannett Fleming’s geotechnical testing laboratory.

Bailey has more than 24 years of geotechnical and environmental engineering experience. He manages and provides technical review of geotechnical activities involving subsurface investigations; foundation recommendations for rail, bridge, highway and building projects; dam and earth structure designs; and more.

Finally, Daniel P. Stare, P.E., senior geotechnical engineer in Gannett Fleming’s Earth Sciences and Hydraulic Group, was named a stockholder of Gannett Fleming.

Stare has more than 16 years of industry and geotechnical experience and specializes in dam engineering projects with an emphasis on foundation seepage remediation. He manages grouting operations on large dam projects, including Center Hill and Wolf Creek dams.

Gannett Fleming is a global infrastructure firm that provides planning, design, technology and construction management services for a diverse range of markets and disciplines, including dams and hydro.

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