Developers pursue 22,459 MW of pumped storage in 11 states

Interest in new pumped-storage hydroelectric projects is increasing across the United States, with developers proposing 22 projects in 11 states totaling 22,459 MW.

Developers of two projects are preparing to file applications for hydropower operating licenses with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, while 20 other projects are in the FERC preliminary permit application process that reserves the sites for feasibility study.

FERC received notices of intent to file license applications to build 1,300-MW Eagle Mountain pumped-storage (No. 13123) in Riverside County, Calif., proposed by Eagle Crest Energy Co., and 1,330-MW Parker Knoll pumped-storage (No. 13239) in Piute County, Utah, proposed by an affiliate of Symbiotics LLC, Parker Knoll Hydro LLC. Both developers previously held preliminary permits to study the projects.

In recent months, FERC also has processed applications from developers for 20 proposed pumped-storage projects totaling more than 19,800 MW in Idaho, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

BPUS Generation seeks six projects

BPUS Generation Development LLC, an affiliate of Brookfield Renewable Power Inc., is pursuing six of the projects. In February, FERC granted the company preliminary permits to study two projects: 1,340-MW Little Potlatch Creek (No. 13303) in Idaho, and 1,100-MW Umtanum Ridge (No. 13304) in Washington. (HNN 1/21/09)

Preliminary permit applications from BPUS Generation are pending for three other pumped-storage projects in Washington: 1,040-MW Banks Lake (No. 13296), 1,150-MW Duffey Lakes (No. 13295), and 1,310-MW Lake Roosevelt (No. 13313).

BPUS Generation also filed a permit application for the 1,000-MW Lorella pumped-storage project (No. 13240) in Oregon. Intertie Energy Storage LLC filed a competing permit application for the same site, 1,000-MW Lorella pumped-storage (No. 13241).

FERC also issued preliminary permits to Nevada Hydro Co. Inc. for 450-MW Blue Diamond pumped-storage (No. 13285), and to another Symbiotics affiliate, North Eden Hydro LLC, for 100-MW North Eden pumped-storage (No. 13249) (HNN 1/7/09). Both projects would be built in Utah.

Symbiotics affiliates pursue seven projects

In addition to pursuing the Parker Knoll and North Eden projects, affiliates of Symbiotics LLC have applied for preliminary permits to study another five pumped-storage projects:
o 662-MW Cedar Creek (No. 13324) in Texas, Cedar Creek Hydro LLC;
o 1,100-MW Corral Creek South (No. 13314) in Idaho, Corral Creek South Hydro LLC;
o 1,144-MW Swan Lake North (No. 13318) in Oregon, Swan Lake North Hydro LLC;
o 1,154-MW Mesa De Los Carros (No. 13316) in New Mexico, Mesa De Los Carros Hydro LLC; and
o 1,100-MW Yegua Mesa (No. 13315) in New Mexico, Yegua Mesa Hydro LLC.

Riverbank seeks five pumped-storage sites

Subsidiaries of Canada-based Riverbank Power Corp. applied for preliminary permits to study five pumped-storage projects in three states:
o 1,000-MW Ogdensburg (No. 13288) in New York, Riverbank Ogdensburg LLC;
o 1,000-MW Riverbank Energy Center in Maine, Riverbank Energy Center LLC;
o 1,000-MW Riverbank Sparta Energy Center in New Jersey, Riverbank Sparta LLC;
o 1,000-MW Tomkins Cove in New York, Riverbank USA Holdings Corp.; and
o 1,000-MW Verplanck in New York, Riverbank USA Holdings Corp. (HNN 2/5/09)

Applications for preliminary permits also are pending with FERC for:
o 1,050-MW Cliffs Energy pumped-storage (No. 13291) in Washington by Golden Green Energy Storage LLC; and
o 1,129-MW JD Pool pumped-storage (No. 13333) in Washington by Public Utility District No. 1 of Klickitat County.


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