Development of Portugal’s multi-project Tamega hydroelectric power complex moving along

Daivoes Hydropower Project

Work is progressing on Portugal’s 1,158-MW Tamega hydroelectric power complex with the completion of a diversion tunnel and the awarding of a significant project.

Located near Porto on the Tamega River, the complex will eventually include the 880-MW Gouvaes pumped-storage plant, and the conventional 114-MW Daivoes and 164-MW Tamega plants.

Tamega’s owner, Iberdrola, announced last week that Spanish construction company Ferrovial Agroman had completed excavation of the diversion tunnel that will feed Daivoes. The tunnel is about 1,300 feet long and took the Spanish company about 100 days to dig and shore up.

Now, the group will work on the tunnel’s inner concrete reinforcement lining and cofferdams, which will allow construction of Daivoes’ dam and powerhouse to begin.

Meanwhile, Iberdrola also announced it had selected a consortium led by Ferrovial Agroman to construct Gouvaes. The contract, worth US$84.7 million, will see the group build the plant’s main cavern, transformer hall and galleries.

The contract is the third awarded to Ferrovial Agroman. The company is also responsible for digging exploratory shafts for the Tamega project.

Iberdrola won the concession to build and operate the Tamega complex in 2009, at which point it was expected to include a fourth powerhouse.

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