Dominican Republic awards Mejita Dam rehab study

The Dominican Republic has awarded a contract to a Spanish consortium to study reinforcement of the Mejita Reservoir Dam.

A contract valued at 660,400 euros (US$899,525) was awarded to Gabinete de Estudios Tecnicos e Ingenieria, Ingenieria y Proteccion Ambiental, and Hermanos Yarull CxA. The Consortium was selected from among three bidders.

With funding from the European Development Fund (EDF), the government sought a dam stability study and construction design on possible ways of reinforcing or improving the dam and guaranteeing its long-term stability. (HNN 6/9/06) The study also is to include stabilizing, encapsulating, or draining tailings, plus risk analysis and dam break analysis.

Consortium to study river catchments, Hatillo Dam

With additional EDF support the Dominican Republic government awarded another contract for study of river catchments and Hatillo Dam.

The 550,000 euro (US$749,078) contract went to Bureau de Recherches Geologiques et Minieres, Enviros Spain, and Geofitic. They were chosen from among three bidders.

The work is to include study of the catchment areas of the Margarita River, the Maguaca River, and Hatillo Dam.

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