DR Congo seeks communications consultant for 4,800-MW Inga 3 Basse Chute, medium hydro

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) invites expressions of interest from consultants to develop and implement a communications strategy for the agency managing the proposed 4,800-MW Inga Basse Chute hydroelectric project and several proposed medium-sized hydro projects in the DRC. Responses are due February 26.

The Inga site currently includes the 350-MW Inga 1 and 1,424-MW Inga 2 hydroelectric projects, which are undergoing refurbishment on the Congo River. Additionally, the DRC is developing the 4,800-MW Inga 3 Basse Chute hydroelectric project as a step toward development of a 42,000-MW Grand Inga hydroelectric complex. Under the Inga program, the government also is examining the 30 most attractive medium-sized hydropower sites in DRC, with plans to perform feasibility studies of the three most promising sites.

DRC also recruited consultants by February 20 to evaluate options for carbon credits sales from the projects.

In the current solicitation, DRC seeks a consulting firm, in a first phase, to design and develop a communications strategy for the Inga 3 project management unit, Cellule de Gestion du Projet Inga 3 (CGI3). In a second phase, still optional, the consultant would support implementation of the communication strategy.

Consultants must have experience in design and development of communication strategies including television, print, and non-media communications.

Expressions of interest in French must be delivered, or sent by mail or e-mail, to the address below by 3 p.m., Kinshasa time, February 26, labeled “Recrutement d’un Consultant (Firme) Charge de l’Elaboration et de l’Execution de la Strategie de Communication de la CGI3.”

For information, contact Cellule de Gestion du Projet Inga (CGI3), Attn.: Coordonnateur Bernard Diayele Watekidila, Immeuble William’s Residence, 29/31, Avenue Roi Baudouin (ex Trois Z), Kinshasa/Gombe, Democratic Republic of Congo; (243) 84-4687751; E-mail: diayele@yahoo.fr, remybanea@yahoo.fr.

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