Eastern Nile agency awards flood preparedness study

The Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) has awarded a contract to SMEC International of Australia to prepare a Flood Preparedness and Early Warning Project (FPEW) in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan.

With funding from the Japanese government, ENTRO awarded a US$453,844 contract for SMEC to transform the FPEW concept into a detailed project implementation plan and accompanying terms of reference. The 12-month job is to encompass flood mitigation planning; flood forecasting, warning, and communication; emergency preparedness and response; and a regional component to strengthen cross-boundary cooperation.

In other action, ENTRO also is investigating power trade opportunities, interconnection, and three hydropower projects, 1,700-MW Mandaya and 1,780-MW Border in Ethiopia near the Sudan border, and 780-MW Dal 1 in Sudan near the Egypt border.

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