Eastern Nile agency to seek flood mapping services

The Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office (ENTRO) plans to seek proposals from consultants to perform flood risk mapping in Ethiopia and Sudan.

ENTRO has applied for funding from the World Bank-operated Nile Basin Trust Fund for the Eastern Nile Flood Preparedness and Early Warning Project. The program is to strengthen the capacities of the Eastern Nile countries, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan, in flood forecasting, mitigation, and management, as well as enhancing their readiness to implement the program.

ENTRO awarded a contract in 2006 to SMEC International of Australia for preliminary work on the Flood Preparedness and Early Warning Project. (HNN 3/6/06) ENTRO also has been investigating power trade opportunities, interconnection, and three hydropower projects, 1,700-MW Mandaya and 1,780-MW Border in Ethiopia near the Sudan border, and 780-MW Dal 1 in Sudan near the Egypt border.

The current flood risk mapping solicitation is to include work in 2007-2008 valued at US$200,000 in Ethiopia and US$400,000 in Sudan. Ethiopia work will focus on areas around Lake Tana and Gambella, while Sudan work will focus on areas around Tuti Island and Dongola.

Procurement notices are to be announced as they become available. Interested consultants are invited to obtain further information from Regional Coordinator for FPEW and ENPM Projects, Eastern Nile Technical Regional Office, P.O. Box 27173-1000, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; (251) 11-6461130; Fax: (251) 11-6459407; E-mail: entro@nilebasin.org, maasayed@nilebasin.org; Internet: www.nilebasin.org/entro.

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