Eletrobras action plan to add 7,000 MW in Brazil, Peru, Argentina

Brazil federal utility Centrais Eletricas Brasileiras S/A (Eletrobras) has issued its first integrated strategic action program, with plans to add more than 7,000 MW of hydropower generation and more 15,000 kilometers of transmission lines between 2009 and 2012.

Eletrobras said total investments would be 30.2 billion reais (US$13.3 billion), with 26 billion reais (US$11.5 billion) of that allotted to generation, transmission, and distribution projects. The remaining 4.2 billion reais (US$1.8 billion) is to be invested by Eletrobras subsidiaries in partnerships with other companies.

The utility said its internationalization program anticipates the conclusion of studies of hydro generating projects of 18,000 MW and transmission lines of 11,000 kilometers through 2012.

International projects already under study include the 2,000-MW Garabi hydroelectric project in Argentina and six projects in Peru: 2,000-MW Inambari, 800-MW Cuquipampa, 2,000-MW Paquitzapango, 1,074-MW Sumabeni, 942-MW Urubamba, and 750-MW Vizcatan.

“If we do or do not construct these plants depends on financial and environmental feasibility studies,” Eletrobras President Jose Antonio Muniz said March 16.

Muniz said Eletrobras only would invest in foreign projects in conjunction with partners.

Eletrobras is cooperating with Argentina energy trader Emprendimientos Energia Binacional Sociedad Anonima (Ebisa) to study the Uruguai River, including the Garabi project on the border with Argentina. (HNN 11/20/08) Eletrobras also is working in partnership with Brazilian construction company OAS, which committed in March to carry out construction of Inambari in Peru’s Madre de Dios Department. (HNN 3/6/09)

Eletrobras agreed in 2008 to carry out pre-feasibility studies of the other five Peru projects with four Brazilian companies: construction firm Camargo Correa; engineering firm Andrade Gutierrez; Odebrecht Peru, a unit of Brazilian builder Norberto Odebrecht; and engineering firm Engevix Engenharia. (HNN 10/13/08)

The program calls for investments in the remainder of 2009 of 3.6 billion reais (US$1.6 billion) for generation, 1.9 billion reais (US$841 million) for transmission, and 1 billion reais (US$443 million) for distribution.


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