FirstLight Power Resources using Atlantium mussel control in Housatonic River hydro plants

FirstLight Power Resources has purchased and installed the Hydro-Optic (HOD) ultraviolet technology from Atlantium Technologies Ltd. in the Housatonic River Project hydro plants in New England.

According to a press release from Atlantium, FirstLight, a subsidiary of H2O Power, will use this non-chemical biofouling technology to control invasive mussels in the cooling water circuits of its 43-MW Shepaug and 28.9-MW Stevenson hydroelectric stations.

Zebra and quagga mussels have spread into waterways since they were introduced to the U.S. in the 1980s, attaching to and clogging submerged surfaces. Flow restrictions or blockages due to mussel infestation are a significant concern because of the threat to water delivery and power reliability, Atlantium says.

“FirstLight has evaluated the risk from mussel fouling, outlined the best management practices for coping with invasion, and identified the Hydro-Optic UV treatment solution as the best control option for raw water systems to prevent invasion and infestation,” said Rebecca Allen, an engineer with FirstLight Power Resources. “The HOD system is an advanced UV treatment solution that achieves a 99% inhibition of settlement of quagga mussel veligers downstream of the system using a UV dose rate substantially lower than 100 mJ/cm2. The HOD UV system will help FirstLight to minimize the risk from mussel fouling by preventing invasion and infestation.”

FirstLight Power Resources owns more than 1,400 MW of hydroelectric generation, energy storage and solar facilities in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

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