France inaugurates Le Croisic MHK test site

On Aug. 25, France officially inaugurated the Site d’ Experimentation en Mer (SEM-REV) at Le Croisic, Brittany, France on the country’s west coast. The site will test marine hydrokinetic (MHK) energy systems and floating wind turbines in open sea conditions.

Beginning this September, three different MHK energy technologies are scheduled for testing at the site, located 12 nautical miles off Le Croisic.

SEM-REV offers a restricted area connected to the mainland grid via an 8-MW cable and a set of environmental monitoring instruments. Four test slots are connected to a central subsea hub and environmental and system operational control data are transmitted in real time through optical fiber.

Engineering university Ecole Centrale de Nantes (ECN) monitors SEM-REV operations from a station in Le Croisic, in coordination with France Energies Marines, through France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

SEM-REV is part of CNRS-aligned experimental facilities developed to validate and optimize MHK devices and floating wind turbines in open sea conditions. SEM-REV is also one of the test sites coordinated by France Energies Marines.

According to SEM-REV, the site would also test materials and equipment for mooring, umbilical and monitoring systems for use by MHK technologies. The site’s specific research programs focus on environmental impact, safety and security assessments, and could also be used to test deployment and maintenance procedures.


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