FullCycle Climate Partners invests in micro-hydro company InPipe Energy

InPipe system

FullCycle Climate Partners, a growth equity fund investing to scale climate-critical technology, announced its investment in InPipe Energy, a micro-hydro technology company headquartered in Portland, Ore.

InPipe Energy’s In-PRV pressure recovery valve is a smart water and micro-hydro system that generates carbon-free, baseload, renewable electricity by harvesting excess pressure from municipal water pipelines. This improves the economics of delivering water while providing essential pressure management that helps save water and extend the life of water infrastructure, according to a release.

The world’s water infrastructure is energy- and carbon-intensive. Every year, 1,100 TWh of energy is required to pump, treat and distribute water to meet global demand. The power produced by InPipe Energy’s system can be used by municipal water districts worldwide to reduce the carbon footprint of water distribution.

The sustainability of global water systems is paramount. The In-PRV system provides precise pressure management metrics and converts excess pressure into carbon-free power that can be used on-site or metered back to the grid. This helps water agencies offset their energy costs while also saving water and reducing emissions.

“Climate change poses an existential threat and addressing it will require a complete overhaul of our global infrastructure,” said FullCycle Founder and Managing Partner Ibrahim AlHusseini. “While many countries have made peak carbon commitments, meeting these goals will not be achievable from wind and solar alone. InPipe Energy’s system provides a vital tool that retrofits aging and energy inefficient water infrastructure with a more sustainable and effective alternative.”

InPipe Energy has already deployed commercial installations operating at full capacity that are expected to produce collectively over 300,000 kWh of electricity per year. As the Biden administration moves forward with two infrastructure packages, $55 billion to $120 billion has been flagged for investment in municipal water infrastructure. InPipe Energy is well-positioned to support states’ and municipalities’ efforts to meet carbon abatement goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

“We are thrilled to have FullCycle as our long-term scaling partner, enabling us to deliver our solutions to municipalities worldwide,” said Gregg Semler, chief executive officer of InPipe Energy. “FullCycle’s combination of infrastructure expertise and urgency to battle climate change is what makes them an ideal partner for us.”

With this investment, FullCycle will be InPipe Energy’s exclusive global project financing partner for the energy-as-a-service deployment of its In-PRV system across six continents.

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