Generator work awarded for 11 German hydros totaling 2,916 MW

Vattenfall Europe Generation AG has awarded contracts for generator repair and maintenance at 11 hydroelectric projects totaling 2,916.32 MW and two coal plants.

Contract work, to three contractors, includes repair and maintenance of generators, excitation systems, and supply of parts for motors and generators.

Stork Turbo Service GmbH of Regensburg, Germany, received a contract covering work at the most hydro projects, including six in the Saale River Cascade in Thuringia:
o 80-MW Bleiloch pumped-storage;
o 2.16-MW Burgkhammer (HNN 3/26/07);
o 3.4-MW Eichicht;
o 62-MW Hohenwarte 1 pumped-storage;
o 320-MW Hohenwarte 2 pumped-storage; and
o 3.76-MW Wisenta;

Stork also is to carry out the work at:
o 135-MW Geesthacht pumped-storage in Schleswig-Holstein;
o 1,050-MW Markersbach pumped-storage in Saxony;
o 120-MW Niederwartha pumped-storage on the Elbe River in Saxony; and
o 80-MW Wendefurth pumped-storage on the Bode River in Saxony-Anhalt (HNN 11/13/07).

VA Tech Hydro GmbH of Austria received a similar contract for generator repair and maintenance at the 1,060-MW Goldisthal pumped-storage project on the Schwarza River in Thuringia.

In addition, Stork received a contract for the Boxberg coal plant in Saxony, while EMIS Electrics GmbH of Lubbenau, Germany, received a contract for the Janschwalde coal plant in Brandenburg.


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