German utility seeks equipment for two small Neckar River plants

German utility EnBW seeks bids for turbine-generators and other equipment for an existing small hydro plant and for a new plant to be built on an existing weir on the Neckar River. Bids are due August 21.

In the last two years, EnBW has been conducting a program to expand and modernize existing hydro plants and to add small hydro plants to existing weirs. (HNN 5/21/07)

In the current solicitation, the utility seeks to add a fourth turbine-generator to the three-unit 5-MW Feudenheim project and to build a new small two-unit project at the Esslingen weir.

In Lot 2.1, for Feudenheim, EnBW notes the existing plant has three vertical Kaplan turbines and space for a fourth unit of about 2 MW. Equipment sought includes a Kaplan unit for a nominal flow of 27 cms with a maximum net head of 8.9 meters, a synchronous generator, governor, automatic controls, and other equipment.

In Lot 2.2, for Esslingen, EnBW seeks two Kaplan turbines for a head of 5.2 to 5.4 meters, synchronous generators, governors, automatic controls, and other equipment.

Bid documents may be obtained from Joanna Kowalska, EnBW Kraftwerke AG, c/o Systeme Infrastruktur Support GmbH, Einkauf &Logistik Kriegsbergstr. 32, D-701743 Stuttgart, Germany; (49) 711-1283656; Fax: (49) 721-6319924; E-mail:; Internet:

Bids are due by August 21. For information, contact Gerald Ittel, EnBW Kraftwerke AG, Lautenschlagerstrasse 20, D-70173 Stuttgart, Germany; (49) 711-2181589; Fax: (49) 711-2181494; E-mail:; Internet:

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