Guadeloupe awards dam failure analysis contracts

The government of Guadeloupe has awarded two contracts to Stucky Ingenieurs Conseils to perform failure analyses of two dams in Guadeloupe.

The eastern Caribbean island group, an overseas department of France, awarded contracts in February totaling 41,577 euros (US$63,753) to the French-based unit of Stucky of Switzerland.

Stucky received a 19,470 euro (US$29,855) contract from Conseil General de la Guadeloupe to study the potential for wave rupture of Dumanoir Dam, in the commune of Capesterre Belle Eau. Work includes evaluation of the maximum water capacity released at the instant of dam failure, hydraulic modeling of the flow in the valley downstream, and an evaluation of areas affected by a rupture. Stucky was chosen from six bidders.

The consultant also received a 22,107 euro (US$33,898) contract for a similar study of the potential of wave rupture of Moreau Dam in the commune of Goyave. Stucky was chosen from three bidders.

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